Product & Digital File Pricing


About 4-6 weeks after your session, it will be time to come in for your viewing and ordering appointment. There are two ways to purchase digital files, prints and/or products. You may purchase digital files A La Carte, or you may choose to invest in a portrait package. Our  “Create A Collection” allows you to customize a portrait package according to your own needs with pricing that is a better value than  a la carte.


A. 12 Files (printable to 8 x 10) – $395
B. 20 Files (printable to 30 x 40) – $795


Follow the three steps to complete your custom collection.

1. Choose A Signature Product.
A. Wall Art ( 16 x 20 and larger) – begins at $265
B. Albums (20 or more images) – begin at $275

2. Choose Digital Files.
A. All Files (printable to 8 x 10) – $395
B. All Files (printable to 30 x 40) – $595

Optional items like birth announcements, jewelry and custom, fine art painted commissions can be added on when you "Create A Collection"

Create Your Own Collection pricing offers more value than A La Carte, and gives you the flexibility to customize a portrait package according to your own needs. “Create Your Own Collection” offers you all your digital images on USB or CD/DVD  and  includes the choice of any of our albums or fine art prints.